Apache Storm – Part 1

What is Apache Storm?

  • A real time big data processing system
  • Stream based
  • Fault tolerant and distributed
  • Non persistent
  • Written in Clojure and some Java
  • Master / save plus ZooKeeper
  • Big Data Analysis

Apache Storm vs Hadoop

  • Batch / file based
  • Distributed and fault tolerant
  • Master / save plus ZooKeeper
  • persistent, use HDFS
  • Big Data Analysis

Hadoop and Storm are complementary technologies, and can be used in a single system. Storm processes real time streams of data, and Hadoop processes batched data on HDFS.

Apache Storm terms
Tuple – an ordered list of elements
Stream – an unbounded feed of tuples
Spout – a source of streams
Bolt – functions/ filters to process streams
Topologies – ETL like architecture built from sprouts, Streams, Bolts
Nimbus – master node
supervisor – controls worker progresses


Other abstractions on top of Storm
Storm Trident, Storm DRPC

Physical View

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