JBoss 8009 Port in Use BindException Fix

You may want multiple application servers to be deployed into the same server, for example one Tomcat 6/7, one JBoss Application Server 6.x, or three JBoss Application Servers. Assuming Tomcat 6.x is running, when you start JBoss AS 6.1, you might see JBoss 8009 Port in Use BindException in the jboss boot log:

The error means the port 8009 has been used (Another Tomcat instance is using it), and web app inside JBoss cannot start. To fix the issue, you can change JBoss configuration to force AJP connector to used a different unused port, such as 98009.

Open $JBOSS_AS/conf/bindingservice.beans/META-INF/bindings-jboss-beans.xml

change AJP connector port to 8010

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