Lowest Common Ancestor

Problem Description
level: medium

Given the root and two nodes in a Binary Tree. Find the lowest common ancestor(LCA) of the two nodes.
The lowest common ancestor is the node with largest depth which is the ancestor of both nodes.

For the following binary tree:

LCA(3, 5) = 4
LCA(5, 6) = 7
LCA(6, 7) = 7

1. tradition method
2. divide & conquer algorithm

Approach 1:
Put the parent of the nodes into the two lists, then scan the lists from the bottom, to find the lower common one

For example: LCA(5,6)
List 1: 5,7,4
List 2: 6,7,4

comparing the lists from bottom, 4, 7 are common parents, and 7 is the closest

Another example: LCA(3, 5)
list 1: 3,4
list 2: 5,7,4
comparing the lists from bottom, 4 is common parent, and the closest

Approach 2:

Divide & conquer

psuedo code:

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